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Sample Syllabi for Ottawa Online Courses

A list of samples of the syllabi used in Ottawa Online courses. Please DO NOT refer to these syllabi for information about textbooks and specific assignments.  These are provided as a reference for a general overview of the course only. This list is a work in progress. Syllabi are added to this list and updated regularly.

If you want to look up the textbook for your course, please visit the online bookstore at: http://ottawa.textbookx.com/institutional/index.php#   (Link opens in new window or tab). Be sure to select Ottawa Online as your location.

Undergraduate Courses

ACC-20364Accounting for Business Operations
ACC-20464Accounting for Financing and Investing Activities
ACC-30163Cost Accounting
ACC-30664Managerial Accounting
ACC-33164Intermediate Accounting I
ACC-33264Intermediate Accounting II
ACC-36264Federal Income Tax
ACC-40164Advanced Accounting I
ACC-40165Advanced Accounting II
ACC-40264Advanced Cost Accounting
ACC-49060Seminar in Applied Accounting
ART-13023Art Fundamentals
BIO-21443Introduction to Nutrition
BIO-30643Environmental Biology
COM-11023Speech Prep and Delivery
COM-20165Media Writing
COM-23633Language of Film
COM-30163Interpersonal Communication
COM-30263Small Group Communication
COM-36964Principles of Advertising
COM-30363Organizational Communication
COM-30563Visual Communication
COM-32663Business Communication
COM-38000Introduction to Online Research
COM-36964Principles of Advertising
COM-38000Introduction to Online Research
COM-40163Communication Law and Ethics
COM-40164Intercultural and International Communication
COM-40464Persuasive Communication
COM-49100Applied Seminar in Communication
ECO-30564Money and Banking
ECO-30564Economics for Managers
EDU-20000Technology for Educators
EDU-20033Integrating the Fine Arts
EDU-30030Elementary Math Methods
EDU-30031Elementary Math Practicum
EDU-30731The Teaching Profession I
EDU-31132The Exceptional Child
EDU-31233Educational Psychology
EDU-33000Elementary Language Arts and Social Studies Methods
EDU-33035Foundations of Schools in a Diverse Society
EDU-33132Elementary Science Methods
EDU-40632Managing the Educational Environment
ENG-10223Contemporary Literature
ENG-20223Introduction to Literature
ENG-20524Writing Skills Development
ENG-23723Intermediate Writing
ENG-26023From Homer to Herrick
ENG-31023Advanced Expository Writing
ENG-31723Multicultural Literature
ENG-32523The English Language
ENG-40524Process Writing
ENG-41823Shakespeare Seminar
ENG-45023Seminar in American Literature
ENG-45123Seminar in British Literature
ENG-49201Integrative Seminar in Criticism
HPS-10153World Regional Geography
HPS-11053The American Experience I
HPS-13053The American Experience II
HPS-13353American Government
HPS-30151Arizona Constitution
HPS-30251U.S. Constitution
HPS-30754America's Rise to World Power
HPS-35054Seminar in World History I
HPS-35154Seminar in World History II
HPS-35555History of America 1840-1890
HPS-35556The Early Republic
HPS-40154Philosophy and Ethics of Public Admin
HPS-45553Contemporary America 1945-Present
HPS-49300Public Policy
HPS-49400Global Issues in Historical Perspective
HUS-20553Social Welfare: Intro to Human Services
HUS-30000Social Welfare: Issues in Human Services
HUS-30253Social Policy and the Community
HUS-PSY-36000Statistics for the Social Sciences
HUS-40154Addiction Studies in the Media
HUS-40454Ethics in Human Services
HUS-40553Skills and Techniques in Human Services I
HUS-40554Skills and Techniques in Human Services II
HUS-49000Seminar in Human Services
ITS-20550Basic Computer Skills
LAS-20010Seminar I
LAS-20020Seminar II
LAS-30012Writing and Critical Thinking in the Liberal Arts
LAS-32513Writing II: Integrating Disciplines
LAS-39014The Individual in Society
LAS-45012Global Issues in the Liberal Arts
MAT-10443Intermediate College Algebra
MAT-10643College Algebra
MAT-20043Discrete Mathematics
MAT-20143Business Math
MAT-21044Calculus I
MAT-21144Calculus II
MAT-22043Linear Algebra
MAT-26043College Geometry
MAT-30243Transition to Higher Mathematics
MAT-31044Calculus III
MAT-31143Mathematical Statistics I
MAT-32044Mathematical Statistics II
MAT-33043Differential Equations
MAT-42413Abstract Algebra
MAT-43443Numerical Methods
MAT-45143Introduction to Real Analysis
MAT-49201Integrative Seminar in Mathematics
MIS-13063Foundations of Information Technology
MIS-30163Database Management
MIS-30563Enterprise Architecture
MIS-47163Information Technology Infrastructure
MIS-48163Systems Analysis and Design
MIS-49100Methodologies of Project Development
NRSG-30000Professional Nursing Theory, Roles and Practice
NRSG-30003Nursing and Cultural Diversity in Healthcare
NRSG-30006Healthcare Communication
NRSG-32000Clinical Informatics and Technology
NRSG-32003Health Promotion and Teaching Across the Lifecycle
NRSG-32006Human Pathophysiology
NRSG-46000Health Care Policy and Regulations
OAD-30020Entrepreneurial Vision and Strategy
OAD-30063Behavior in Organizations
OAD-30264Employment Law and Policies
OAD-30364Conflict Resolution
OAD-30763Business Statistics
OAD-31063Business Law
OAD-31664Business Ethics
OAD-32064Women in Management
OAD-32563Human Resources Administration
OAD-32864Employment & Staffing
OAD-33064Governmental Budgeting
OAD-36000Medical Terminology
OAD-36010Introduction to Health Care Delivery Systems
OAD-36020Planning & Budgeting in Health Care
OAD-36064Managing Integration of Health Care Systems
OAD-38663Human Resources in Health Care Organizations
OAD-40063Financial Administration
OAD-40264Planning and Budgeting
OAD-40363Advertising Strategies
OAD-40654Health Care Law and Ethics
OAD-41064International Business
OAD-41464Project Management
OAD-41564Compensation and Benefits
OAD-41764Training and Development
OAD-41864Managing Cultural Diversity
OAD-42664New Business Ventures
OAD-43264Organizational Change
OAD-43564Administration of Public Organizations
OAD-46000Health Care Policy & Regulation
OAD-48563Management of Health Care Organizations
OAD-49100Strategies & Policies
OAD-49200Seminar in Applied Human Resources
OAD-49300Seminar in Applied Management
OAD-49500Seminar in Applied Health Care Management
PED-30933Physical Education and Health Methods for the Elementary Classroom Teacher
PHL-11023Basic Issues in Philosophy
PHL-21723Introduction to Logic
PLS-30000Examination of the Criminal Justice System
PLS-30100Individual Rights, Police Practice
PLS-30200Police Responsibilities and Ethics
PLS-30300Understanding Criminal Behavior
PLS-40000Race, Crime, and Social Policy
PLS-40100Public Safety and Supervision
PLS-40200Policing in Today's Communities
PLS-40300Leadership in Law Enforcement
PLS-49000Selected Contemporary Topics
PSY-12053Principles of Psychology
PSY-30153Theories of Personality
PSY-30254Adolescent Psychology
PSY-30353Psychology of Abnormal Behavior
PSY-30654Marriage and Family
PSY-31354Physiological Psychology
PSY-32153Social Psychology
PSY-32253Research Design and Analysis
PSY-32353Developmental Psychology
PSY-40854History and Systems of Psychology
PSY-42654Health Psychology
PSY-45650The Psychological Experience of Music
PSY-45651Psychology in Film
PSY-49201Seminar in Psychology
REL-11123Introduction to the Old Testament
REL-11223Introduction to the New Testament
REL-21024Christian Thought I
REL-22003Exploration of Personal Ministry
REL-23723Dimensions of Faith
REL-36523Christianity in a Pluralistic Society
REL-41523Issues in Science and Religion
REL-44823The Life and Thought of Paul
REL-49023Comprehensive in Religion
SOC-10153Social Thought
SOC-10453Introduction to Sociology
SOC-30653Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism

Graduate Courses

BUS-7000-HRC-7611Organizational Behavior and Theory
BUS-7001Contemporary Issues in Business Leadership
BUS-7002Foundations of Leadership
BUS-7003Developing Leaders and Leadership Capacity
BUS-7004Leading Business to Create Value
BUS-7010Introduction to Quantitative Analysis
BUS-7100-HRC-7411Human Resources Planning & Administration
BUS-7200-HRF-7001Value Systems and Professional Ethics
BUS-7300Global Healthcare Delivery Systems
BUS-7303Legal, Ethical and Political Aspects of Health Care Management
BUS-7305Regulation of Systems & Quality Assessment in the Health Care Environment
BUS-7307Product Line and Profitability
BUS-7309Communicating Change in Health Care Organizations
BUS-7450Marketing Strategy
BUS-7451Advertising & Promotional Strategies
BUS-7452E-Commerce and Internet Marketing
BUS-7453Public Relations & Publicity
BUS-7454Distribution & Supply Chain Management
BUS-7500Managerial Economics
BUS-7600Managerial Finance
BUS-7700Management Information Systems
BUS-7800Management Accounting
BUS-7801Money and Capital Markets
BUS-7802Working Capital Management
BUS-7804International Finance
BUS-7805Financial Modeling Methodologies
BUS-7900Social, Cultural, Legal, and Political Influences on Business
BUS-8000Advanced Leadership Theory and Practice
BUS-8500Graduate Seminar: Policies & Strategies
EDC-7153Educational Law
EDC-7291Differentiated Instruction
EDC-7293Instructional Theory and Technique
EDC-7295Theory and Practice of Curriculum Development
EDC-7297Curriculum Evaluation
EDC-7299Curriculum Design and Content Standards
EDC-7603Conflict Resolution in an Educational Environment
EDC-7613Introduction to Educational Technology
EDC-7623Foundations in Distance Learning
EDC-7633Administration of the Technology Program
EDC-7643Computer Assisted Instruction
EDC-7653Theory & Technique in Education Intervention
EDC-7663Technology Integration in the K-12 Schools
EDC-7683Instructional Theory and Strategy in Technology Integration
EDC-7703School and Community Resource for Education Intervention
EDC-7713School and Community Relations
EDC-7723Instructional Design & Evaluation
EDC-7733The Principalship
EDC-7743School Finance
EDC-7753Assessment Techniques for At-Risk Learners
EDC-7793Materials and Strategies for Success with At-Risk Learners
EDC-8073Clinical Supervision and Assessment
EDC-8453Field Experience in Education I
EDC-8473Field Experience in Education II
EDF-7103Philosophy, Accountability & Change
EDF-7163Educational Research: Assessment & Evaluation
EDF-7203Diverse Community of Learners
EDF-7303Leadership and the Management of Change
EDF-8503Masters Research Project
HRC-7361Managing Human Resource Costs
HRC-7461Wage, Salary, and Benefits Administration
HRC-7561Recruitment, Selection and Placement
HRC-7601Training and Development
HRC-7661Organizational Consultation Skills
HRC-7741Employment Law
HRC-7811Career Development
HRC-7841Managing a Culturally Diverse Workforce
HRF-7111Trends, Issues and Perspectives in Human Resources
HRF-7161-PYF-7160-PYF-7162Research: Assessment & Evaluation
HRF-8481Applied Case Studies in Human Resources